As of August 1st, book donations previously made via Reading Tree to non-profit organizations are being managed directly by our long-standing partner, Discover Books; a corporation that resells, charitably redistributes and recycles used books. Discover Books is the owner/operator of the collection boxes that have carried the Reading Tree symbol. Therefore, there will be no change to the service or purpose of these boxes.

Discover Books and Reading Tree have partnered to fulfill a common mission: ensuring that access to reading materials is not a barrier to literacy and that used books are not regarded as trash. As a leading source of surplus book donations, Discover Books has given over 5.5 million used books to charitable organizations. Through these donations and online sales, Discover Books has helped to divert millions books from landfills.

In the near future, Discover Books will rebrand all collection boxes in North America to reflect its mission and social contributions. More information about this exciting effort will be provided to corporations and other hosts with a collection box on their properties.

If you are a non-profit organization in need of free reading materials, a corporate partner or host, a library trying to responsibly manage discards, or an individual interested in moving used books out of your home in a responsible way, please visit for more information.

Though Reading Tree operations ceased as of August 1st, our partnership with Discover Books will ensure that our good work lives on. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Discover Books?
Discover Books is a for-profit corporation with a social mission. They are in the business of collecting used books from thrift stores, library discards, residential curbside pickups and collection boxes located throughout North America. They sell used books online at discounted prices to be read again, or donate them to literacy-based or community service organizations greatly in need of free reading materials. When books cannot be sold or donated, they are recycled, diverting millions of pounds of books from landfills each year.

If Reading Tree is closing will the collection box on my property be removed?
No, the collection box on your property will remain. Discover Books has always been the owner/operator and will continue to maintain and service that collection box. Ultimately, it will be refurbished and rebranded, but no other changes will occur.

I used to receive books from Reading Tree, what will happen now?
There are no changes in process or relationships to those organizations that formerly received books through Reading Tree. Discover Books is more than capable of fulfilling all requests and delivering books directly to the recipients that were once serviced by Reading Tree.

I want to receive donated books! How do I make that happen?
Please go to and fill out a donation request form.

I work for an organization whose covenants say we cannot donate our books to corporations, but most non-profits do not have the resources to take my books. What do I do now?
Discover Books has a library revenue sharing program you may be interested in learning more about that could solve this issue. Please visit for more information.

What will happen to the books placed in my hosted bin?
The books placed in the collection boxes have always followed three pathways: they are resold to other readers, donated to children, families and literacy organizations in need, or responsibly recycled. This has always been the case and will not change. If you would like to talk to a Discover Books representative to learn more, please email us at or call us toll-free at 888-402-BOOK(2665).

I want to responsibly manage moving used books out of my home, my office or out of my library. How can I find a collection box?
Please visit to find the nearest collection bin or to fill out a curbside request form.